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Playboy Alpha and His Contract Mate

Playboy Alpha and His Contract Mate



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Amaya, the school's termed 'unfuckable nerd' makes an agreement to fake date the school bad boy, the Alpha's son and at the same time, she'll be under his protection from the bullies. He on his own part would not have to worry about his psychopathic ex anymore. Their dating span was only for a few days till he turns Alpha and finds his mate after which they would break up, but what happens when It's discovered that they are mates? Sparks will definitely fly between these two enemies, but will It be from their love or from their fights?
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Chapter 1


I rolled my eyes as I heard my sister scream from downstairs, and I quickly rushed out of the underground basement where I was dressing up for school. I had one sock on one leg while struggling to put my white shirt on, and my hair looked like it hadn't been combed for ages.

Yes. My room was the underground basement where rats and old junk my late mother owned resided.

Anytime Sarah called my name like that I braced myself up for either a slap, a punch or anything worse. My mother died when I was five years old and I became a slave after my father married Sarah's mother. Unlike me, Sarah was a full-fledged wolf with supernatural powers who could shift anytime and this gave them more reason to bully me. Sarah's mother treated me like trash and I knew she would kill me if she had the chance to do so. She wanted to inherit my father's wealth and she saw me as a threat.

I got upstairs to see Sarah prancing around and fuming. Immediately she saw me, her countenance darkened and she sent a hot slap across my face before I could collect myself.

Agh! I fell to my knees and held my face, which was burning from the effect, but before I knew it, she kicked me hard in the stomach. I fell back, and my glasses fell beside me.

You're worthless, she roared. I wonder why Mom hasn't sold you off. Why did it take you more than 10 seconds to reply to me

I'm sorry, it won't happen again. Please forgive me, I said with clenched teeth, hoping she wouldn't kick me again. My stomach was already hurting badly.

Where is my breakfast How dare you prepare for school without making me and my mother breakfast

I bit my tongue, wondering what to say. I couldn't tell her I was rushing to write a test that morning. I couldn't even tell her anything. She wouldn't care.

I'm sorry it's just happened to skip my mind I'll go and prepare it now.

She rolled her eyes and scoffed. It slipped your mind Oh well, then I'm sure you won't mind skipping breakfast as well this morning right


Another day of going to school hungry.

I was already exhausted and tired by the time I ran two miles to school because someone felt like using my transport fare today as punishment.

The test was actually easy, but because I had to wake up early to clean the house, I could barely put down anything. Running for two miles also exhausted me.

After I submitted the test, I began to wait for the luncheon bell. My stomach had begun to tighten into knots as a result of hunger and I was grateful that I saved some money, otherwise, I would have continued starving.

Once it was lunch break, I was heading to the cafeteria, when I bumped into someone and my blood ran cold seeing Kayla and Amanda standing right in front of me.

Hey four eyes, she sneered. What now Has your condition worsened so much that glasses cannot suppress your blindness With that, Amanda took my glasses and stared at it like it was a foreign object, a smirk on her face.

Everyone around me criticized me for using glasses because werewolves were blessed with natural sharp eyesight and thus didn't need glasses.

Please give me back my glasses, I said calmly, this pair of glasses was the sixth I would be buying. They would be fond of breaking my glasses.

Amanda and Kayla always got away with whatever they did and it was because they were daughters of Betas of the strongest packs in the land. They felt entitled to having whatever they wanted because the school authorities couldn't expel them as their fathers had donated immensely to the school.

However, they had just returned from a suspension. Kayla had gone too far by smashing her ex-boyfriend's car, and because he was an Alpha son, he got the right to get them suspended.

I had a few good days in school aside from the taunts, but as long as they weren't there, it was like I was living my best life.

I didn't have to go to the bathroom, scared that they were going to force me to drink toilet water or lick the floor, and I didn't have to eat in fear without knowing if they were going to use my hair as a trash bag for their leftovers.

Now they are back, and they probably 'missed' me and we're itching to make my life miserable more than ever.

Here, Catch, Kayla took the glasses from her hand and tossed it in the air, and as I reached out to catch it, she kicked me and I fell to the ground, banging my head on the table close by.

It was brutally painful and humiliating as everyone turned to us and began laughing. My glasses dropped miserably on my lap, and I was getting ready to put them on, get up, and ignore them, but all of a sudden, I gasped, shivering slightly, when cold liquid came pouring down on me from my hair.

I glanced up, furious to see Kayla smirking as she emptied the contents of the can of orange juice on me.

People burst out laughing, and I could feel my eyes getting heavier by the second with my tears.

Having had enough, I got up and walked past them, hitting them squarely in the shoulders before I scurried off the cafeteria.

I was planning on heading to the girls' locker room to clean up. Suddenly, I heard a moan from a corner. I was shocked to hear such at that time of the day. It was Jeremy and a junior student. As soon as the girl saw me, she flanked out of the place in disgrace, but before Jeremy stood up, I turned to leave. Meanwhile, someone grabbed my wrist and I found myself being pulled into cold arms.

Everything happened in brief seconds and before I knew it, I was trapped with someone holding me against the lockers, and when I looked up, adjusting my glasses, my jaw almost dropped seeing Jeremy, the future Alpha of the neighboring pack a.k.a Kayla's boyfriend.

Jeremy! I gasped, eyes wide open with a blush stain on my cheeks. This was the first time I had gotten close to a guy like this, and it had to be Jeremy of all people.

Someone pinch me if I'm dreaming.

However, just when I thought it was a dream, it quickly turned into a nightmare.

How dare you interrupt me I want you to be my contract mate, he whispered seductively.