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Longing For My Rejected Luna

Longing For My Rejected Luna

Author: Erika002



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"I, Erika Blackwood, stand before you, Alexander Robertson, with a heavy heart. I hereby reject you as my mate. The bond we once shared has grown fragile, and my soul yearns for a different path. May you find solace in the love of another, and may we both find the happiness we seek." Alexander didn't say a word and looked at me. But he refused to accept. *********** Erika Blackwood is the next Alpha in line of the Ironclaw Pack. She hides her identity and gets mated to the Alpha of the Moonforest Pack, Alexander Robertson. Three years passed, but Alexander is still unwilling to let go of his childhood sweetheart. Erika is mistreated and eventually framed by the same childhood sweetheart. Now she leaves with that humiliation, and goes back to her pack, swearing vengeance on those who hurt her. They all waited for her to return and beg, but what happens when they realize that the famous Ironclaw Pack that was going to help in the rogue war, was ruled by a woman named, Erika Blackwood. Now her Ex mates want her back. Other Alphas want this woman.. But will she accept any of them? Or will she stay independent forever?...
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Chapter 1

“I did nothing to her!” The sound of Erika's voice reverberated in the entire pack house as she followed Alex up the stairs, tears staining her delicate face.

She knew that Alex at least didn't like her, but they had been married for three years. Three whole years!

He still didn't trust her.

How could he say she was capable of murder when she hadn't even done anything to anyone for the past three years she had been living in the packhouse as his Luna?

She had done everything she knew a good Luna and good daughter in-law should do, making sure that everything and everyone was happy. But he still felt she hadn't done enough and couldn't even trust her.

If she really had ulterior motives, She would have directly killed everyone in the Blood Moon Pack with just a few Wolfbanes here and there in their food as she was the cook in the house.

But instead, Alex chose to believe that bitch that just arrived two days ago.

“You were the only one standing close to the staircase!” Alex's voice boomed in anger.

How could a woman be so shameless?

She was the only one standing at the staircase at the time of the fall, how could she still deny the fact that she was responsible for Serenity's fall!

Erika gave Alex a bewildered look, “Alex I did nothing! Serenity threw herself down the stairs to frame me!” She defended anxiously.

That Serenity girl was vicious, extremely vicious. Even to her own self.

She and Serenity had been standing by the staircase earlier, discussing the issue of Serenity being Alex's first love and Erika being the obstacle.

Then suddenly, Serenity sighted Alex approaching and immediately grabbed Erika, saying Erika should forgive her.

At first, Erika was very surprised. But when she saw Alex approaching, She immediately understood the bitch’s motive.

But she was already too late, because at that time, Serenity had already thrown herself down the stairs.

“Can you even hear yourself?!” Alex barked and turned to look at her. He took two steps closer to her and pinned her on the railings.

The position he had her was so dangerous that if she missed a step, she would directly fall to her death.

Erika gulped as she stared into Alex's black eyes. One that looked like a bottomless dark well. The very ones she fell in love with the very first day she met him three years ago.

Those eyes that always held a deep resentment towards her.

It was looking very murderous right now. The same pair of black eyes looked like it was going to stab her a million times if she didn't keep her mouth shut.

“Erika…” Alex breathed, using her name for the first time in three years, aside the day of their mating ceremony.

“I never knew you could be such a bloody disgusting liar! I saw you that day, your both hands..” he grabbed her hands, “this hands! They were the very ones I saw that were extended towards Serenity as if to push her! Now you tell me that you did nothing and she threw herself down the stairs on her own?!”

Alex felt the urge to laugh out loud at this woman's shamelessness.

She was not only a gold digger and a shameless woman, but also a bloody liar.

Erika's tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes as she felt Alex's hand tightened his grip on her wrist.

It hurt so much but she couldn't even voice out the pains.

Right from the first day she stepped into this pack house, she had never experienced happiness or what it felt like to be married.

She had expected a one sided love marriage to be a simple task to handle.

She felt it was easy to mend.

She had spoken to her father the day after the mating and he said that a man who didn't love her, would never love her.

But she waved it off and told him she could handle it all. Not knowing she was deceiving herself.

Her father, Alpha Jerome, had given her three years. Three years to mend her marriage and make her husband fall for her, or she had to return to their pack and take over as the next leader of the pack.

No one in the Blood moon pack knew about her identity as Alpha Jerome's only daughter.

She had hidden her identity from everyone, so she could live like a normal werewolf without having so many bootlickers.

But now, The three years given to her by Alpha Jerome have elapsed.

“If you want me to forgive you and give you a second chance, then you have to go and apologize to Seren. Tell her to forgive you, or else I wouldn't” Alex said and released his hold on her. He turned around and began walking to their bedroom door.

He paused again suddenly, and without turning, he said to her, “Be prepared for a divorce if she doesn't forgive you”

Erika gritted her teeth in anger as she watched him disappear into the room.

She, the daughter of Alpha Jerome of the Ironclaw Pack. Apologize to that lowlife husband thief?


She clenched her fist as she glared at the door Alex had disappeared into.

“I would rather leave than apologize to that low life” she declared firmly and her wolf, Cindy purred in response to her words.

Erika wiped her tears, she wasn't going to cry for an already failed marriage.

If only she had listened to her father the first time he said she could always reject Alex, this wouldn't have happened.

She wouldn't have been in such a traumatizing situation.

No one liked her in the pack house except the pack elders.

Alex’s mom and sister were never good to her from the very beginning.

They made her stay in the packhouse, a living hell.

Making sure she did the work of the maids instead.

She cooked, cleaned, and washed. Something a Luna should never be seen doing.

She did all that without any complaints. But after everything, they all sided Serenity and left her to face the blame of what she never even did.

Erika was fed up this time. She was so done with living in a loveless marriage.

Her husband saw her as a gold digger, while the others saw her as a poor and ignorant gold digging orphan.

She let them all call her whatever they liked this past three years.

But today marked an end to all of that.

She was done with all of these mockeries.

It was time to listen to her father.

She would leave the Bloodmoon and go back to the Ironclaw to fulfill her destiny.