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Howling At The Moon

Howling At The Moon

Author: TheBlues



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A life after the death of your loved ones is not really easy. Cira, the chosen Luna of the next Alpha, married him because of love, but everything was just a set-up for the Alpha. To be able to get the position, he was forced to marry the chosen Luna, and having the authority to rule the pack can help him investigate his mother's death. Their wedding was a disaster. The Alpha left to avenge after the death of almost half of the pack, and Cira was left with the pack, who hates her for being a brat and war freak before. The tragedy turned Cira's life upside down, especially after the Alpha came back and started showing grudge against her.
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Chapter 1

Raver’s POV:

“THAT Luna is just thirteen! She will find her mate in the future. And me too. I don’t want to betray my mate before I find her! I can’t marry her just because she wants to. She’s just a kid. She didn’t know what’s the real love was!” I growled at my father, who's standing across me with arms crossed. His playful eyes are watching me intently—as if entertained by the anger in my face.

“Raver, Cira may be thirteen, but she will eventually reach the legal age. You just have to marry her, so we can secure the Alpha blood in your future children's bloodline. Cira's father was the best Alpha of our generation even until now, you saw that yourself. She will be the carrier of the next Alpha. She's the best choice if you want power.”

I press my lips together and stared at my father. It's not the problem if I like her or not. I just don't like the idea of being forced to do something that is against my will. I fucking hate it!

“You have to marry her, Raver. If you still refuse—I will lead the motion to kick you out as the next Alpha.”

My eyes widened and started cursing under my breath. Seriously? He'll come this far, so he can force me to do what he wants? What does he think of me?

I started massaging my nose bridge. Completely frustrated as my annoying father left me with another warning. “Take that as a good suggestion with a big benefit for you, son. Cira specifically asked to marry you and let her father to do so.”

I shook my head. No! He's not suggesting—he's more like giving me a question with a fucking one choice!

The idea of marrying someone out of force is so fucking irritating. Can't that girl find someone who's willing to marry her? Can’t she wait for her mate? Why me?

“Hey, dude!”

I lifted my chin only to see Luigi, my best friend, grinning at me. My eyebrows creased. What's with this bastard?

He sat in front of me, still grinning. “I heard you're marrying Cira to be able to become the next Alpha?”

I showed him my middle finger, “What's funny?”

He chuckled. “You. Damn, dude! Cira is just thirteen. Your father is indeed securing your throne.”

I frowned at him. “I won't marry that kid.”

He patted my shoulder. “Come on, dude. You'll get all the benefit if you became an Alpha. You'll have the authority to lead the pack and do whatever pleases you.”

His words started digging my mind. Right! I'll have all the privileges if I married that girl. I can easily hunt the bastard who killed my mother, and I suspect those fucking vampires who think they're superior.

I clenched my teeth. Should I consider marrying her?


I WAS STARING at the young girl who's dancing in the middle of the crowd, watching her. Every move of her young body rhymes perfectly with the soft music playing. Her long wavy and brown hair is also dancing and bouncing every time she moves, and that was fucking hot and tempting. She's probably not a wolf—maybe she's really a goddess. Perhaps Aphrodite's bloodline. But this can’t change the fact that she is just 13 years old! I can ignore the mate problem, but there is no way to forget the age.

I stared at her tempting lip and body. I imagined myself kissing and touching her. and I just want to hit my head for that. A fucking 17 years old next Alpha do these things to a thirteen years old Luna? I'm qualified as a pedophile! Fuck! I can’t make this happen!

I shook my head in disbelief. Is this a fucking joke? I hate her and her father for choosing her as my mate.

The cheering voices of the pack seemed to energize her—making her enjoy what she's doing. What a gullible girl. She's a bit arrogant, like a brat. I bet everybody here hates her. They just can't show it because her father is the current Alpha.

“The next Alpha is here!”

I swallowed hard and tried to keep my cool as the whole pack turned their heads at my direction. I rolled my tongue over my lip and stared at the girl who stopped dancing as soon as she met my eyes. Her smile slowly faded but was replaced with another wide grin after a second. She jumped as she walks to me.

“Did you agree to marry me?”

I heaved a sigh and stood straight. I pushed my hands inside the pocket of my pants and tilted my head, staring at her gray eyes. “What if I refuse to marry you?”

Her eyes showed a pained expression and her lips slightly frowned. I creased my forehead, staring at her. She looked down, “Why? Do you hate me?”

I smirked and nodded. “I think so.”

Her face dropped to an almost lifeless expression. Her shoulder dropped. “But why?”

I chuckled in a sarcastic way. “Are you that excited to marry me?”

She lifted her chin and frowned. “Yes. Because I like you so much. I want to be your wife! I’m serious.”

Grinning, I shook my head. “You're too young for me. And you will find your mate in the future.”

“I'm not young! I'm already thirteen. How do you know you won't be my mate? You're very special to me. I just have this feeling.”

She stared at me—intently. “I will do whatever you want if you marry me.”

Slowly, I grinned at her and move my face closer to her, staring directly at her eyes. “Really? Would you allow me to do whatever I want after our marriage?”

She nodded without hesitation, innocence is dancing in her eyes. “Yes.”

I nodded and rolled my tongue over my lips. “Okay. I will marry you.”

Her eyes excitedly widened. “Really? Can you promise?”

I frowned but eventually nodded. “Yeah.”

She giggled and lifted her knuckles—showing me her pinky finger, which made me creased my forehead. “What's that?”

“A pinky swear! We need to seal our promises.”

I grinned and gave her my pinky finger. Damn! This is so fucking childish. But fuck! I need to marry her as soon as possible, so I can get the authority to become an Alpha and investigate my mother's death. I can't believe I'm marrying a kid to avenge.