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When Two Wolves Collide

When Two Wolves Collide

Author: Butterflydiva23



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When Tiffanye Rebel and her mate Quinton McKnight rejected each other, Tiffanye left her pack, never to return. 5 years have passed, Tiffanye had returned to the same place that brought her nothing but pain and misery. As time goes on all the bad memories begin to surface. There are secrets to be revealed, Will Tiffanye ever get past all the lies and betrayal, or will these unfortunate events will finally break her?
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Chapter 1

"I had fun tonight, and we made a lot of money; I cannot wait to do this again tomorrow night."

"Ok chill Tanina, before you wake up the whole werewolf community with your mouth."

"Oh hush Shaughnessy, you know I'm telling the truth."

"I agree Tanina, but I'm still telling the truth about your loudmouth."

"I second that."

"Tiffanye, you up?" Tanina ask.

"Of course, how can I get some sleep with you two talking so loud?"

"Whatever Tiffanye, we just happy to have money in our pockets. Thanks to you for putting a word in for us down at Jax club."

Chill Tanina, nobody likes a kick-ass, anyway remember, do not tell anyone about this. Because if word gets out that Jax is having underage girls dancing in his club, all hell will break loose, especially if Alpha gets involved."

"Do not worry Tiffanye, our secret is safe; no one will ever know," Shaughnessy said.

Tanina nodded while driving; soon after, Tanina came to a complete stop in front of my house. "here you go, home sweet home Tiffanye" Shaughnessy said.

I reply, "What so sweet about it? my parents ignore me as much as they can, Sunshyne is self-center, Emiliano does his own thing, and Journee is the only one who cares to be around me."

Tanina spoke, "Don't worry Tiffanye, things will get better soon, pray to the moon goddess."

"Will do, don't worry, I feel that things will change in due time. Anyway, you two need to hurry up and head on home before we get busted. Also, remember to put the Alpha car back in the same spot, don't forget what happened last time we took it out for a joyride."

"Don’t remind me if we do get caught; I hope it is by Roderick. All I have to do is charm him, and we are off the hook,” Tanina replied.

I sighed. “You know that Roderick left for the Alpha academy last week?”

“Oh shit, I forgot,” Tanina stated.

“How could you forget? Remember the Alpha threw him a going-away party,” Shaughnessy utter.

“Well, sue me for forgetting; there's a lot on my mind,” Tanina said.

“Yeah, trying to find ways to seduce him,” I said; we all chuckled.

“Anyway, hurry up and head home; you two did remember to mask your scent? I ask, looking at both of them.

“Of course, Tiff, we would never forget, especially that punishment the Alpha had given us when we took his car the last time. Every time I think of that still can feel my legs shaking from all that torture,” Tanina said.

“Agree,” Tiffanye and Shaughnessy said in unison.

I spoke, “Ok, it’s getting late, I’ll talk to you two tomorrow.”

“OK, good Tiff,” Tanina said as she drove the car and took off.

As soon as the car was out of my view, I hurried up and headed to my back yard so I could seek in the back door; I knew that Journee had kept the door unlocked, and she always does, you got to love baby sister for that; also, I give Journee two hundred dollars. That makes her happy because she gets to buy all that girly stuff she likes. Just when I was about to open the door, suddenly, the September breeze had hit me, I was able to catch a scent of lemon and peppermints that had my Jezebelle jumping up and down in my head; soon enough, she had me following the smell.

As I was walking, I realized that I was heading up the hill about 150 yards from my house. When I reached the top, a tall figure had his back turned to me. I believe that he picks up my scent cause the person immediately turns to face me. A man stood about 6’4 long black hair medium built from what I can see. With the bright light coming from one of the poles close by, I know he was brown completion. As we stood there facing each other, I felt myself getting caught up in his eyes, but I had to stop myself. Before I knew it, my wolf Jezebelle screamed in my head, “Mate”.

I was so in shock that I found my mate, but also I don’t know how to feel at the same time. People always told me when you find your mate, you would feel overjoyed, and wanted to mate right away. I never brought into that mess, that was just words coming from a bunch of horny she-wolves who would fuck anything that move. I was right, standing there facing the man, I can feel the mate pull, but I do not feel excited, I want to feel that bond in my heart. Deep down I’m not ready to be mated at all.

“So, you are my mate?” the man said.

“I believe I’m am” I replied.

The man responds “What’s your name?”

“Tiffanye Rebel, you?”

“Quinton Knight”

I sighed “ Nice to meet you Quinton”.

“Same here, I have something I need to tell you,” Quinton said.

“Ok, you have my full attention speak away,” I told him.

“Ok, here it goes, I know that the moon goddess, had placed us together, but I’m---

I cut him off “ You’re not looking for a mate?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Quinton ask.

“Because I feel the same way too, I don’t have the time to be settling down right now. so there no need for us to get to know each other, let’s do what we have to do, and get it over with.” I stated.

When those words left my mouth, I could hear Jezebelle growling, and whimpering at the same time. she wants to be with her mate, I know that it is going to hurt to do this to her. When I look at Quinton I can see that he was having a conversation with his wolf too. In minutes Quinton eyes became normal.

“So mate, I’m surprised that you are handling this situation quite well” Quinton stated.

I retorted “ What you thought, I was going some damsel in distress, that going to cry over you? I don’t think so, I have my dignity”.

Quinton uttered, “Very well, then I’ll be the one to reject you>”

I said “ What makes you think that you should be the one to do it. why can I do it?”

“Because I said it first” Quinton stated.

“You did not I cut you off, and finished the sentence for you. So I should be the one to say it”.

“That’s not going to happen mate” Quintion stated.

“Sounds like a challenge; let me tell you now, that you are not going to win,” I said, folding my arms.

“You wanna bet? I’m starting right now.”

“ I Quinton Clyde Mc Knight”

“I Tiffanye Bonnie Rebel”

“Reject you as my mate,” both said in unison.

After everything was said, the ground began shaking as lighting struck down between Quinton and me. I feel that we had just upset the moon goddess in my heart, and she is pissed off right now. Before one of us could do anything, Quinton and I were lifted from off the ground, and we were about 10 feet in the air. We both headed towards each other immediately; we collided with electric shock; suddenly, we got thrown back from the area we came from. I crashed onto a tree with my back, and I felt the pain right away, that I wanted to scream. All I could see was that my vision was getting blurry until darkness took over.

When I woke up, I saw that it was light out, the sun was beaming in my eyes that I had to close them again. I turned my head to the slide and opened them up again; it was much better this time. When I tried to get up, I felt a sharp pain in my back that I whimpered slightly. When everything started coming back to me from last night, I remember that Quinton and I had rejected each other, then we collided. I felt Jezebelle whimpering before she went to the back of my mind I felt bad for what I did to her, because all she wanted was to be with her mate, and I took that happiness away from her, and now she is hurt by my own actions, all I can do is to tell her how sorry I’m am.

“Jezebelle, I know you can hear me, I’m sorry for what I’m putting you through. I hope that you can understand, my reasons for doing this. The emotional pain that we had to endure for so many years from our parents makes it hard for me to open my heart to anyone, especially our mate. I know that you are upset with me right now. I hope that one day that you will find it in your heart to forgive me” I cut off the communication, I knew that Jezebelle will need some time to herself. I started getting up soon enough the pain gotten worst from my back, but I was able to stand. I started walking in the direction of my house, before I walked further on, I turn to take one last look at the hill. I said to myself “ I know that I did the right thing.” I turn back around and continue walking.