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The Alpha Prince’s Unexpected Mate

The Alpha Prince’s Unexpected Mate

Author: ••ANNA••



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He witnessed the scene as his father killed his second brother’s mate while his brother cried from pain. Mate was the most hated word to his father. As the king, his father made rules... the king’s rule for his princes and only princess was ‘If you meet your mate, kill her/him, before I kill.’ Unexpectedly he saw her and he felt like his soul was just taken out by her beauty. His mate was the hidden beauty of the North kingdom. Everyone knows about her but haven’t seen her… Both of them loved each other but never knew the secrets about them from thousands years ago. The myth from thousands of years ago happened again as they reuniones …………
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Chapter 1

  ~ Octavia ~

  “Octavia.. run. .. take Oliver with you” I still could hear my mom’s painful voice as she asked me to escape. Suddenly, I came back to my senses as I realised where I was.

  I had no idea what happened to us. The only thing I knew is now I’m in a prison cell. They took Oliver away as they threw me to this cell. I was so scared I didn’t want anything to happen to Oliver. It's already enough... I went to a corner of the cell as I sat down, I hugged my knees and buried my face against it. I couldn’t help but cry as I remembered what happened to us, to our family. They attacked us and killed my parents and tried to kill Oliver. They did everything while William was away. All of those things happened because of me and because I was special. My wolf, she’s the rarest one and a myth. She's a golden wolf and only one. Ever since I shifted for the first time my family protected me as a treasure. And my parents, they sacrificed their lives in front of my eyes while I was running away with Oliver. They said that it was a gift from the moon goddess but how? After everything..... My heart hurt as I remembered William, he was four years older than me and he became the great ruler of the North as our father passed the throne to him. Everyone said that William was a heartless person but he wasn’t heartless to us. He loved us, Oliver and I was his everything. He did everything that could make us happy, I’m scared I don’t know what will happen when he finds out what happened to us. He will definitely paint the North in blood, I didn’t want him to be like that. He’s my brother. I cried as I remembered his gentle face turned into a demon. Suddenly I heard men’s voices as I came back to my senses.

  “She’s beautiful, I want to fuck her. Damn look at her body.” My entire body trembled as I heard them.

  “Wait until general comes and fuck her. He will definitely give her to us after he’s done as he did before.” What??? Are they going to rape me? Noo... What kind of place is this? I don’t want..I haven't even met my mate yet, I won’t let anyone touch me unless it’s our mate.

  “Yeah... will wait for it. I bet she will be delicious.” What kind of man is this? I wanted to cry. I will kill anyone who tries to rape me. I don’t know how many hours I spent here and where Oliver is. I realized that it’s already getting dark. I wanted to find Oliver, I don’t know what will happen to him. Will they hurt him? I was really scared, I didn't want to live if anything happened to him. Then I saw a guard as he came and stood between my cell and the next cell. I quickly got up and went to him.

  “Hey, could you tell me where the boy that they took away.. he was with me.” I asked and the guard looked at me and his eyes traveled through my body. I knew what he was thinking and they were really disgusting.

  “I don’t know. Wait until the general comes.” He spoke as he looked at my face. The fear took over me, did they do anything to Oliver? I was really scared and my heart began to beat so fast. I nodded at him and went to the same place I was sitting in. ?Then I sat down again as I buried my face in my palms. I was hungry and I knew Oliver should be hungry right now... I can stay without eating but I didn’t want Oliver to stay like that. Why did our lives turn into this? All because of me... My tears rolled down as I remembered my family. I should protect Oliver no matter what, that’s what I thought..... then I suddenly felt a scent, I couldn’t recognize what kind of scent it was but it made my heart beat increase so much. Suddenly my wolf woke up as she paid her attention to that scent. She didn’t talk to me but I could feel she was nervous about that scent. The scent increased as my wolf became restless and my heart was beating fast as I heard my own heart beat. I didn’t lift my head to look because I was scared I didn’t know what that scent was but I’m sure I never felt like this. This was the first time.... then I heard someone’s footsteps.

  ‘Mate is here, I can feel him. He will protect us.’ My wolf didn’t speak to me ever since I left North, she wanted to fight and rip their throats apart but I ran away. Wait..What? My mate is here? I don’t know what my wolf felt but she just told my mate is here.... really? Finally I’m going to meet him. I wanted to see what kind of man he is. I lifted my head as I met with green eyes and they were sparkling. So beautiful. Then I looked at the man in front of my cell. His forehead was covered with wet black hair, sharp jawline and thin sexy lips. Really? He is handsome as hell, he was handsome but it was a devilish one. I could tell that he had just taken a shower. He was wearing black pants and black shirt, his shirt’s first three buttons were undone and his muscular chest was exposed. I wanted to touch him so badly, I wanted to travel my fingers through his chest. He was tall, at least 6 feet and 3 inches. His body was so damn good, sexy..... I watched his handsome features as my wolf cried from happiness.

  ‘ Our mate is so handsome, he’s powerful and he’s an alpha. We will be his Luna.’ My wolf was howling from happiness. Yeah, I could tell that he was surrounded by a powerful aura but it was a dark aura, his aura was like warning everyone not to go near him...... Apart from my brothers he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life. I always stayed in my palace and didn’t go out but I bet he’s the most handsome man. He should be a very strong alpha, I should go to my mate and I got up as I smiled at him. He was looking at me with a shocked face. Suddenly, I realized that I’m not the princess I once was, I’m dirty... fear took over me as I thought that he wouldn't like me, I was scared. What will happen if he rejects us? My heart hurts because of that thought.

  ‘ He loves us, he is just shocked by our beauty. As everyone did before.’ My wolf was so proud as she spoke. She knew that she’s the most beautiful one. Urghh. I slowly walked near him as he growled, I could feel that he was controlling his wolf. His eyes were travelling through my body as his eyes again met with mine. I was nervous, I bit my bottom lip as I looked away from his eyes, he growled again. I knew it was because I looked away from him.

  ‘ Mate is so possessive and he only wants us. Don’t look away from him Octavia. He will be sad.’ What’s wrong with her? Love sick? Is this my real wolf? My wolf is proud, strong and beautiful. So she only paid her attention to my family and ignored others but now she’s different.

  ‘Look at him..... he wants our attention.’ I looked up at him and saw he was already looking at me with a lovely gaze. I was so happy to see it and he’s so handsome. Then suddenly his hand touched my face, I got goosebumps as his skin connected to my skin. He caressed my face, he had a small smile on his lips. I really wanted to kiss him.

  ‘Touch his hand... feel him.’ My wolf was howling from pleasure because our mate was touching our face. I lifted my hand slowly and placed it on his hand. Suddenly he stopped, I looked at him with a questioning look and then he entangled our fingers together with a charming smile, I looked down . I was beyond the happy and also my wolf. I couldn’t help but blush in front of him. I heard him chuckle because of my blush, Urgh... I’m shy...

  “How old are you little mate?” He asked huskily. Damn his voice is so sexy. I looked up at him and smiled shyly.

  “Twenty one.” I spoke as I bit my bottom lip, he looked at my lips and smirked. Oh my god he’s so sexy. He really had a devilish charm on him. He was looking at me for a few minutes then suddenly he pulled his hands away, his emotions changed. That lovely face turned into something dangerous. He looked at me with a weird look, if I was something that’s not important to him. My heart suddenly hurt as my wolf let out a small whine.

  “Stay away from me and don’t let anyone know that you’re my useless mate.” What? Useless? Why? My heart shattered into pieces as my tears came out.

  “Why? You don’t want me ?” I asked him with my broken voice. Why does it hurt so much?

  ‘Mate.. why?’ my wolf was hurt as she let out a howl that was filled with hurt. I looked at his eyes, they held no emotions but I saw the fear in his eyes. My wolf was special and I could read people from the look on their eyes but not him. I can’t read him. I could only see the pain and fear in his gorgeous green orbs.

  “You’re scared... why?” I asked while trying to read his eyes more. He froze as he looked at me. Then he just left, left without even looking back at me. I sat down on the same spot where I was standing as I cried, his scent was slowly fading. My wolf was broken, I clutched my dress because my heart was aching.... so that means he will reject us right? I asked my wolf but she was too hurt to reply.

  All of sudden I felt something weird in my body, it just felt like someone was just woken up from a deep sleep but I could feel that’s not my wolf. The horror took over me as that feeling increased but quickly it faded. I sighed with relief. What was that? I have never felt that before. I let that thought go away as I remembered my mate. My heart began to hurt again because of him.