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Pregnant After Marrying A Vegetative CEO

Pregnant After Marrying A Vegetative CEO

Author: AMaSHE



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Tells about a man who fell between the two sides of life both up and down. Strife, jealousy and contentions between family members who want his power all to themselves. Eventually he wakes up from the current state of his mind thanks to his beautiful wife which he fought earnestly for. What shows what the ordinary and extraordinary do for love
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Chapter 1

In the early hours of night as the wind blew softly in her room, Naya slept soundly on her bed and she suddenly felt someone pressed his lips upon hers. He persisted and landed deeply on those soft tender lips of hers and began devouring it like a passionate dog. Suddenly she opened her eyes and was stunned. What she saw was a delicate puppy face with those dashing dark brown eyes staring at her, so she panicked.

“Who are you?!” She quickly jumped and the man’s husky voice sounded: “Naya, It’s me your husband.

“Husband?” Her eyes widened in shock. Is she married? But how? She wondered until the man’s masculine fingers reached out to touch her and her body trembled with slight goosebumps showing up when it landed on her face.

The man gave a grin and then leaned in to kiss her properly.

“No! Don’t” she blocked with her hand immediately but the man wasn’t listening to her at all instead he groped her tender feminine body, putting her to bed and elapsing his strong masculine aura around her.

His voice sounded deep and aggressive.

“Stop resisting, stop it!” the man said and in the struggle of it she screamed “noo..don’t!!”

Just like that she woke up.

She covered her chest in panic, panting heavily, then she looked around to see that the surroundings were very calm and it was only just a dream. Suddenly her gaze fell upon the man lying next to her on the bed who was sleeping soundly and she scoffed.

It was the same man from her dream, her husband.

After she had lifted her eyes to see the pigeon clock below the window and the oxygen breather on his nose, she realized that she hadn’t adjusted at all to her new identity yet.

The man lying beside her was indeed her husband, Dexter Brown.

But he was physically impaired.

Three months ago from a ghastly accident Dex had experienced, he became this liable weak person as if to say he wasn’t the head of the Brown-Whiteside group shortly before.

Whispers came to Old master Brown that Dex needed a bride to take care of him so they got Naya who was extremely favored by the Old master hence became the suitable bride to take care of Dexter.

Naya simply agreed to the marriage and was grateful because, it was the Brown family that contributed generously to save the life of her critically ill sister, hence it was only appreciative of her to take care of their son.

Unfortunately since she is already married to Dex and his condition unlikely to change anytime soon, she just has to adapt to her new identity as soon as possible.

It was already five o’clock in the morning, and sleeping back at this time was useless but Naya was tired and needed to rest a little bit more since her sleep was cut short by the dream she had.

So she laid back on the bed to close her eyes and it wasn’t 5mins deep into the sleep when she felt a hand touch and grabbed her, pressing those firm masculine fingers on her. Could it be that she had gone back to the dream again? No this time it felt too real and her eyes widened to stare at Cole Whiteside who signaled her to remain quiet and follow him.

They left the bed and went to a corner of the bedroom. The nerve of this man, how could her have entered she and her husband’s room like that with no fear or regard to Dexter whatsoever. Let’s hear what he has to say this time..,

On the other hand, Cole had pursued and cared very much for her, he did everything in his power to make her his but when she caught him fucking the Queen of sassy bitches, she immediately blocked his contact. But as brutal as Cole was and an egotistical monster who never accepts rejection, he got the hospital to kick her sister out and blocked all of them from accepting her since he had that much power and connection thanks to his family’s name.

If it weren’t for Dexter’s grandfather who brought someone to aid her, her sister would have died a long time ago.

Naya’s eyes laid upon his strong possessive and obsessive body language. “I thought you were gonna me a chance, now you married my cousin without an explanation?”

“Do you need interpretation or a learning aide?” She asked coldly. “There is nothing to say, leave now”

She pulled the door open and wanted him to go but who would have thought, Cole pushed her into the desk instead.

He started confessing those disgusting words of his that made her itch to the core. Words like:” I love you Naya, you and I are meant to be together, again and again I’ll love you even if you are married a second time in the future.”

Naya looked at him as if to say her eyes could burn him to the ground. If only looks could kill…

Nothing about his words were convincing to her in fact she wondered how someone as cruel as this who wished Dexter death so eagerly could actually be related to him.

This man was not only cunning but brutally ambitious and covetous in the worst kind of way, plus a killer too.

Naya wanted to scream once and for all so that this man would leave her alone but she lowered her voice instead so as not to draw attention from her mother in law and occupants of the house. She was indeed angry and you could hear it from the tone of her voice when she said.

“Are you crazy?! I can’t help you!”

Gently he took steps forward causing her to step back and that was when she hit an ash tray and it fell making the loudest of sounds.

There was her fear and more when he picked up a piece of the broken glass to threaten her.

“What are you doing? Don’t come near me with that thing, step back!”

She was about to call someone when her mother’s in-law voice sounded from afar, the old woman was singing “dream dream dream…”

Now Naya was scared her mother in law would find her in a room with this man that is not her husband, what would she say to her? And to make it worse Cole just grabbed on her hugging her so tightly.

She struggled and struggled even violently but he wasn’t letting her go rather he warned close her ear when he saw that she was about to scream.

“You shouting will only make it worse, let’s see what your mother in law will say once you drag her attention and she comes in here to see you like this on the first day of marriage”.