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The Unwanted Marriage

The Unwanted Marriage



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Alyssa De Guzman was in a tight situation regarding her grandma's illness, so when Master Guang Lee offers him help in exchange for marrying his grandson Leonard Lee the CEO of GL corp., she has no choice but to agree. On the day of their wedding, she never thought that she would fall in love at first sight with her husband-to-be. She was even more attracted to him. The gentleness Leonard Lee shows to her at their wedding. She felt excited and expects that her marriage will be a perfect one. But she is unaware that after the show, the true feelings of her husband towards her will come out. His HATRED against her! What do you think fate awaits her at the hands of her husband? Will she still choose to love him or choose to hate him back?
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Chapter 1


I was on my knees as I looked at the altar of the church, begging that God may help me with my circumstances.

My grandma was on the brink of death! She had heart failure and needs to be operated on right away, but I don't have enough money to pay for her operation and a donor. I don't want to lose her. She was the only one I've got.

My name is Alyssa De Guzman, 20 years old, a first-year College student pursuing AB Mass Communication.

My parents died when I was a baby, and I didn't even have a chance to see them. Since then my Grandpa and Grandma was the only person who looks after me, but since my grandpa died last year, the only grandma had left with me.

"Lord, please has mercy on me! Help me think of what to do to find a way for her operation! You know that she's the only person I've got! What am I going to do if I will lose her? Boohoo, boohoo, boohoo...!" I sobbed until my tears were gone.

After praying, I stood up and sat down to the pew in dazed when suddenly I remembered what my late grandfather said to me.

'Alyssa, this is what you will remember; if ever someday you may encounter a problem regarding money, don't hesitate to contact this person.' Then my grandpa gave me a piece of paper with the name and address written on it.

I quickly left the church to go home and immediately got in the cab.

"Mr. please, takes me to Wood Peaker Street," I instructed the driver.

"Okay, ma'am," he answered.

The driver quickly drove the cab to my house. As I got home, I took my wallet out of the bag and asked the driver. "Mr. How much is the fare?"

"It's only fifty pesos, ma'am," The driver answered politely.

"Here is my payment, Mr. thank you," I replied to him with a smile. "You're welcome, ma'am," he responded and smiled back.

I quickly got out of the car to enter the house. As I was inside the house, I went to my room and open, my closet. Then I search in the closet the box I had put on the piece of paper my grandpa had given me.

Finally, I found the box! I was so glad to see it. I quickly opened the box and took the piece of paper. The name and address written in it were Guang Lee live in Grandville Subdivision Isabel M city.

After I read the name and address, I quickly went to where Mr. Guang Lee resides.

As I arrived at the address written, I saw a big palace-like house. Even though I was nervous, I still manage to push the button of doorbell. "Ding Dong, ding dong, ding dong...!"

As I waited, I closed my eyes and prayed to hope that this is the answer to my problem. Thankfully the gate opened. A woman in her twenties appeared to me and asked, "May I know who you are and who are you looking for?"

"Hello, my name is Alyssa De Guzman, and I'm looking for Mr. Guang Lee. Does he live here?" I asked the woman politely.

"Yes, just wait for a while Miss," The woman answered me with a poker face.

"Okay, Miss, Thank you," I replied as I smiled at her.

About a few minutes, a woman returned and told me, "Miss Alyssa, please get inside. Master Guang Lee was waiting for you at the garden." Then the woman went back inside.

"Okay, Miss, thanks again," I said still, smiling at her.

I quickly followed her to the garden. As we arrived there, the old man in his seventies, sitting in a white metal chair.

He was holding a walking cane in his right hand and surrounded by six bodyguards. I can already tell by his looks that he was the one I was looking for, the man that my grandpa referred to me.

I slowly walk towards him and slightly bend my head, and said to him politely, "Good Morning, Sir, I'm sorry to intrude on your house, but please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alyssa De Guzman, and I am the granddaughter of Arturo De Guzman. Before he, died he told me that he had a friend name Guang Lee and that if ever I may encounter, difficulties I can come to him." I explained while bending my head slightly.

As I'm waiting for his response, my body seemed trembling. I am scared that he might get mad at me and will be chase away by his bodyguard. I clasped my hands with my eyes closed hoping, that God may enlighten him, and welcomed me with both hands wide open.

"Ahahahaha, ahahaha...," Master Guang Lee laughed.

I opened my eyes, wondering why he was laughing; I looked at him directly to his eyes, trying to convey a message that I badly needed him and that I was serious.

"Don't you remember me?" he asked me wondered.

I was confused about what he meant, so I bravely asked him, "Sir, what do you mean by I don't remember?"

He told me to approach him. "Come here, my child."

Even though I was confused and afraid, I still dare to approach him without hesitation. As I was so close to him, he said, "The thing is, when you were still young, you used to come here together with your grandpa and even played with my grandsons. Your grandpa and I were best friends. I owe my life to him. That is why, when I found out that he had died, I was dejected and was very resentful towards him because he didn't even tell me he was sick. That's why a few years ago. When he didn't visit me, I thought he was upset with me for an unlikely reason, but I was wrong. He doesn't want me to worry. Instead, he wants me to protect you and be part of my family."

As I heard what he said about being part of their family, I was suddenly surprised! "What! I will be part of your family, what do you mean? I don't understand?"

He stood up in his seat and said, "Marry, my grandson. Then I will help your grandma. I will provide everything she wants and even shoulder all her expenses in the hospital. So you need not worry about anything at all. What you have to do is to pursue your study and be the wife of my grandson."

I was so confused at that time, and I had a lot of questions. How he found out that my grandma was sick? That's why I went to him, but I couldn't afford to lose my grandma. Every second count, so I answered him abruptly, "Okay, I will marry him as long as you will keep your promise to me."

He was pleased by my answer, so he smiled at me and said, "Good girl," Then he called someone on his phone. As I was waiting for his instruction, I did not move from where I stood.

After a few minutes of waiting Master, Guang Lee turned off the call on his phone right there in front of me, then smiled, "My dear, you don't have to worry about your grandma anymore because she is safe now. I already transferred her to the best hospitals here, in the M city, and even shouldered all the expenses. Regarding the donor, we already provided it."

I cried with joy because of what he said, and I approached him without hesitation and hugged him as if he was my grandpa. Then I remembered my grandfather, who died because they had similar behaviors, no wonder they became close friends? So as I hugged him in tears, he felt happy. Then he hugged me back too then said, "It feels good to have a granddaughter: the one who will appreciate everything you did. Arturo was so lucky to have you, unlike my grandsons, who were ungrateful. So from now on, you call me grandpa, okay? And don't forget what you promise. You will be my granddaughter-in-law."

I was so grateful that he saves the life of my grandmother. I don't care if the replacement was marriage as long as I would think that everything I did was for her sake, so I quickly responded to him. "Of course, grandpa, I will. I owe you a lot, so in return, I will do the favor. Please give me one week to prepare everything and time to visit my grandma?"

He patted my head using his right hand and said, "Okay, you can go."

I felt emotional again and hugged him as he agreed to my favor, then I said goodbye.