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Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother

Author: LunaticPessimist



Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother PDF Free Download


Eight years ago, amnesia brought me to this home. I met an asshole stepbrother who hated my guts. He made me hungry, hated the sound of my footsteps, didn't allow me to call my mom and dad, and condoned other people bullying and beating me. In the end, he took everything I had... *** "Awww!" He slammed me on the wall. He narrowed his eyes at me and humiliated me." Do you dream of being a whore?" I retorted, "I wasn't doing anything! I was just talking to Wyatt!" But he always had to catch a different emphasis from my words. "Wyatt?Just a few words and you know his name?" For a moment, I knew what to say. It seemed to me that he just hated me, and no matter what I did he could find a way to break it. The room fell silent again. And he just leaned in close to me and warned in my ear, "No talking to another man! Or I'll mark you!"
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Chapter 1

Esme's POV

"Uh-" I was kicked over on the ground once again. I curled up and held my head, feeling the constant assault on my body.

“Try it, Jake!”

I silently whimpered as I get passed on from one foot to another. The outsole patterns of their shoes were already imprinted on my skin. I could hear my bones breaking with each kick I received from them. It hurts.

I gasped when the guy called Jake pulled my collar. He smirked at me. "OHHH! Are you crying now, little pup? I mean, I would be shedding tears too if I were just an adopted dog of Merverlan's family. Hahaha!" I lowered my head.

"Bark! Bark! Bark!" they insulted, throwing my face on the ground. The floor was covered in blood from my wounds. All I could do was stay silent, I couldn't call for help because there would be no one to save me...

I've been blacklisted from the Golden Claw Pack since I joined at the age of nine, even though my adoptive parents, the Alpha and Luna of the pack, were very nice to me. But like any tragic movie, their son was disgusted by my sudden appearance as his stepsister.

But his disgust was different from the others, he never beat me, he just forbade me to interact with anyone, especially male werewolves, and if I dared to say a word to them, he would do something to me that scared me more than a severe beating.

This led everyone in the pack to believe that the heir to the Golden Claw pack, Merverlan, hated me to the point of death, so everyone at school was dedicated to bullying me to show their loyalty to their future Alpha.

My silence drove them completely crazy.

Suddenly! - Don't know who kicked me from behind.

"Cough-" I spewed out a mouthful of blood uncontrollably, and unfortunately, my blood sprayed onto their leader's shoes. Everyone lapsed into silence as they stared at the man in front of them, the heir to the alpha, Merverlan.

I immediately closed my eyes because I knew that right away I was going to face an even more intense beating. I shivered again at the thought of his past punishments.

But the imagined pain didn't come, and soon I heard Jake's agonized screams.

I opened my eyes to see Jake's neck cupped in Merverlan's hands, "Jake, you got my shoes dirty.

Merverlan's voice was devoid of emotion, but everyone in the room felt the pressure.

"Merverlan, I ...... was just trying to teach this unknown pup a lesson for you. I ...... didn't mean to offend you," Jake's voice trembled.

"Teach her a lesson for me? You think you're qualified?" Merverlan let out a sneer through her nose.

"No ...... no, I'm sorry Alpha Merverlan, I was wrong! Please tell me what I can do to make you forgive me!" Jake cried, he didn't understand why Alpha Merverlan was suddenly so angry, everyone in the pack knew he hated Esme, but he didn't dare go any further.

"Get out!" Merverlan didn't answer, then slammed Jake to the ground with one hand. "I hate it when someone makes up their mind for me, anything! Remember, I'm your future Alpha and you need to remember that."

I watched in shock, Merverlan had saved me. But this is ......, why? I didn't dare look up at him as I watched his feet start to walk toward me.

His shoes finally stopped an inch from my feet instead of my stomach, and I looked at him in fear.

"Get off, I've lost my good mood for the rest of the day because of you!" Merverlan growled at me with disgust and anger in his eyes.

I was afraid he would change his decision, I didn't care how much my body hurt, I still insisted on running to the entrance of the school.


I scribbled and cleaned the blood from my body because I promised Merverlan that I could not let my adoptive parents know anything about me at school.

I don't want to live like this anymore, because I can imagine that the day Merverlan takes over the pack must be the day I die. I have to get out of here before that happens.

But when I saw Merverlan's shoes in the doorway, I held my breath again, daring to breathe freely only when he was not there.

Why? He's back so early tonight, he usually goes to the club after school to relax with his future beta, I can't let him notice me moving, right now I don't have the strength to face another demon.

I walk up the stairs, barefoot,It was a long hallway on the second floor. There are two rooms here. My room is on the farthest corner, and I'll have to walk past Merverlan's door.

I blew an exhausted sigh.I closed my fists as if I were gathering all my strength to move forward.

I started walking silently. I was about to successfully pass on his door when it suddenly opened, and Merverlan came out with an emotionless face.

I paused for a moment, staring at him. His hair is wet. It looks like he just got out of the bath. My eyes went down to the only thing covering his nakedness. He always forgets that I'm a girl!

I blushingly looked away when his eyes started scanning me from head to heel. "You look pathetic…" he insulted.

I didn't say anything because I knew he must be happy to see my mess right now.

"Why don't you say anything? Or do you blame me for not helping you as your brother?" Merverlan snickered, he deliberately put the accent on the word brother, he hated the word brother more than anyone else, and tonight I had no idea what he was going to do to me.

I took another deep breath, hoping this conversation would be over soon. I said honestly, "No. I appreciate everything you did for me today, if it wasn't for you my ribs would be broken.

Even though all my bad luck came from him, he did me the honor of being my knight today.

"So have you thought about how you're going to thank me? My ...... sister?" Merverlan laughed as he walked closer to me and my heart began to pound.

What kind of game was he playing?

"I ......" I couldn't find my tongue for a moment, his powerful scent filling the narrow hallway and I kept backing away until I was trapped between his firm chest and the wall.

My incoherence made his mood even more pleasurable, he just loved to see me make a fool of myself, and he managed to keep his vow, the day I arrived he just smiled at me. "Angel, welcome to my hell."

"Merverlan...... what do you want, Alpha is downstairs with Luna." I shivered as I whispered a reminder to him that the only people he was afraid of were my foster parents, and I knew he hated it when I snitched, but I didn't want my life to end today.

"Huh." Merverlan sneered and suddenly my lips felt a warm object!

Merverlan kissed me! The blood in my body rushed to my head as I desperately pounded on his chest, I opened my mouth to scream for help when he just took the opportunity to stick out his tongue and enter my mouth, I was helpless and forced to take his entrance.

I whimpered and screamed, but his body was as strong as a rock and I couldn't push away until my stomach made a Gollun sound.

Merverlan suddenly froze and I immediately pushed him away and ran into the room, locking the door behind me.

I leaned helplessly against the door until I was sure there was no sound behind it before I dragged my already numb legs back to my bed.

Tomorrow I don't know what I'll have to face, but today I'm really too tired. ...... I look forward to the dawn, I have to eat.