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Urban Strongest Divine Doctor

Urban Strongest Divine Doctor


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Qin Yi was originally a skilled doctor, but due to an unfortunate accident, he was held responsible for a death and lost his wife and children. Upon his release from prison, he assumed his life had hit a dead end, yet he unexpectedly acquired a magical medical system, which marked the beginning of his journey to redemption...
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Chapter 1

Qin City, Kang Province's Second Hospital.

"Qin Yi, this is your last chance--I hope you won't let me down."

"Don't worry, Director Lin, I'll give it my all!" declared Qin Yi, thumping his chest in assurance.

A year ago, he was embroiled in a medical mishap and tasted the multiple facets of the human condition, spending a year in prison.

By the time he emerged, his wife had found a new love and was insistent on divorcing him.

He understood and agreed to the divorce. But when he tried in court to get custody of his child, he failed because of his criminal history and economic instability.

But that wasn't the saddest part of it all. The reeling devastation was seeing disappointment, despair, and even a hint of fear in his child's eyes.

That look—he will never forget it.

He knew he was to blame for everything—he had failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a father.

In a bid to regain control, Qin Yi approached his ex-superior, Lin Haishan. After much pleading, Lin Haishan finally agreed to give him another chance.

Lin knew that the incident that occurred was not Qin Yi's fault—it was the patient's disobedience to the rules that resulted in the accident.


If Qin Yi hadn't stepped forward to shoulder the responsibility at that time, the repercussions would have been much more severe.

Over these years, Lin Haishan had been looking for an opportunity to help Qin Yi prove that he was a conscientious doctor.

This operation is the opportunity that he has found for Qin Yi!

The main surgeon for this operation is Du Junmin, an international authority on neurology, currently the president of the World Brain Medicine Research Association.

He is also the director of neurology at the Hanguo Kyoto Central Hospital, the authority on this subject.

Such a high-ranking doctor being invited to perform surgery in a small hospital like the Second Hospital of Kang Province is a great honor for their hospital.

As for Lin Haishan and Qin Yi, they are assistant doctors in this operation.

If this operation is successful, not to mention anything else, Qin Yi's position at the First Hospital of Qin City is secure!

[Ding! The host's converter binding has been activated!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the newcomer reward, rewards conversion points +10]

Qin Yi, who was just about to enter the operating room, was startled by a voice suddenly ringing in his head.

"What is this?"

Qin Yi subconsciously muttered as a property interface appeared before his eyes.

[Name: Qin Yi]

[Transformation Points:10]

[Kind tip: Using Transformation Points can change features of skills, items, etc., and can promote level.]

"Qin Yi, what are you zoning out for?"

"Today's surgery is very important to you, keep your focus."

Lin Haishan said in a low voice at this moment.

"Sorry, sorry."

Back to his senses, Qin Yi hastily apologized.

Lin Haishan sighed helplessly and continued, "You can't lose concentration, or else even I won't be able to help you."

Qin Yi nodded repeatedly.

How inappropriate it was for him to be distracted when Lin Haishan had secured such an important opportunity for him!

At this time, someone outside suddenly made a gesture to Lin Haishan, asking him to come out.

"Qin Yi, I leave this in your hands, I need to leave first."

Lin Haishan said with a serious face.

Qin Yi nodded, and only then did Lin Haishan leave.

After his departure, Qin Yi now became Du Junmin's primary assistant.

Moreover, the person for this operation is no ordinary person, she is Zhang Yuer, the daughter of Zhang Jingzhong, the wealthiest man in Qincheng.

Zhang Jingzhong is not only wealthy, but also has deep connections in both the legitimate and underworld circles.

As for this Zhang Yuer, she bumped her head when she fell down the stairs as a child. Although she can still communicate normally, she has a residual effect and suffers from headaches every two months.

She used to be able to suppress it with medication, but as she got older, the pain was intensifying, to the point of splitting migraines and even suicidal thoughts.

Therefore, Zhang Jingzhong spent a huge amount of money to invite Du Junmin from Kyoto with the solemn intention to fully cure her daughter, Zhang Yu’er's illness.

Du Junmin indeed was an expert. He understood the crux of the problem after conducting a simple diagnosis on Zhang Yu'er.

He suggested that by drawing out the stagnated blood accumulated in her brain, her cerebral vessels would be relieved, and the disease could be eradicated.

However, this surgery carries a certain risk - if there was insufficient blood supply to the brain during the period of drawing out the clotted blood, the brain could stop functioning, and the resulting brain damage would be irreversible. If the surgery fails, death would be undeniable.

Zhang Jingzhong understood Du Junmin's concerns, and promptly spent a major sum to search for a person in Qin City who had the same 'Panda Blood' as Zhang Yu'er to act as the main blood supplier during the surgery.

Once everything was prepared, Du Junmin chose to conduct the risky operation at Kang Province Second Hospital.

This surgery could only be successful.

If there was any mistake, Zhang Yu'er would die on the spot, there would not be a second chance.

Therefore, Du Junmin worked with utter seriousness. Not only did this involve Zhang Yu'er's life, but it was also connected to his professional reputation.

Many doctors outside were waiting to see how he would complete this high-risk surgery.

If he succeeded, Du Junmin's reputation would surely rise to a greater level.

If he failed, he would lose all his honour.

As the dominator of Qin City, Zhang Jingzhong, would definitely not spare him.

"Check the blood pressure," he ordered.




Du Junmin is meticulous, not allowing any step to go wrong.

Qin Yi is also nervous, his clothes already drenched in sweat, he is focusing on keeping up with Du Junmin's pacing, following his commands.

Outside the operating room, a crowd watches the situation inside the operating room through a live broadcast on their smartphones.

This operation is a bold attempt in the medical field, it is also a risky surgery with significant research value.

Zhang Jingzhong also wanted to keep updated on Zhang Yuer's situation at all times, so the hospital agreed to live broadcast Du Junmin's entire surgery.

"Professor Du is indeed Professor Du, only he would dare to take on this surgery. If it were me, I would have been scared peeless by now."

"Amazing, if the operation is successful, I must study under Professor Du and learn from his medical expertise."

"A miraculous doctor! If it wasn't for such a miracle worker, where would this confidence come from?"

The doctors are abuzz with conversation while Zhang Jingzhong looks on with a serious expression.

Now, he could only smoke ceaselessly to calm his nerves. He was anxious deep down but there is nothing he could do.

The one lying there is his precious daughter, his only offspring. If not absolutely necessary, he would never choose such a risky method.

"Yuer, don't be scared, dad is waiting for you outside, the surgery will definitely be successful."

Zhang Jingzhong silently muttered to himself.

In the live video, a thin scalpel begins to cut into the unconscious Zhang Yuer, the whole process is quite bloody. Only the doctors, who are accustomed to such scenes, and Zhang Jingzhong dare to watch.