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The Top 10 Bestselling History Novels of All Time You Need to Read

The Top 10 Bestselling History Novels of All Time You Need to Read

2023-03-21 14:09:40
  • Our Love Has Died

    Our Love Has Died

    She is a humble maid in the palace, has regarded as a woman disaster who has been accused of betrayal, which caused 100,000 soldiers’ death in the exotic country. He is the supreme emperor of this country. Although, he has saved her life from the fatal charge because of love, he also has been torturing her into the ice-cold hell because of her disloyalty. The night, he married his queen, she was not only heartbroken serving in front of their bed, but also found that she had fallen into a terrible conspiracy and trap...
    History ★ 3.8
  • The Revenge of A Reborn Miss

    The Revenge of A Reborn Miss


      She was the eldest daughter of the Prime Minister, and she had helped her husband ascend to the throne. With the excuse that he had beaten her into a cold palace, he had joined hands with her sister to force her to cut her stomach open and take her child. He had forced her only brother to be reduced to a beggar, killed her entire family, made her into a human being, imprisoned her in a barn, slept with pigs and dogs, and suffered the most terrible torture in the world. Once she was reborn, she would be reborn. She would be bathed in blood and return to the world with hatred! With a beautiful \'cold-blooded face\', seizing the most important power, Aunt Dou, killing brothels, staff servants, meeting gods and gods, meeting ghosts and devils, this trash of a man would come visit every now and then and propose marriage. She only gave him one word, \"Scram!\"
    History ★ 3.8
  • Dote on Her Crazily

    Dote on Her Crazily

    She was reborn, in a different new world. She was the most talented spy in her previous life. But after transmigration, she became a worthless. Being slandered, humiliated, and beaten, she promised she would revenge her enemies. Ex-fiance? Get the h*ll out of here. Devil sisters? Kick them a*s off. She would become the greatest genius practitioner in this life. And she needed no help from anybody. But why this mysterious man always helped her secretly? He had tried to throw her into the coldest spring when they first met. She was confused. Should she accept his kind favor and true love?
    History ★ 4.5